Install Pokemon Go to the BlackBerry

Learn how to download and play Pokemon GO on your BlackBerry 10 phone. You do not need an Android or iOS phone to play Pokemon GO, you can now play it on your BlackBerry.

Pokemon GO for BlackBerry

Pokemon GO does not run well on all BlackBerry 10 devices. Older devices such as the Q5, Q10, Z10, Classic, and others are getting graphic glitches that makes the game unplayable. Pokemon GO is confirmed “working” on Z30, Passport, and Priv but requires constant phone restarts.

How-to Download Pokemon GO to BlackBerry

1. Go to Settings > App Manager > Installing Apps > and turn on Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed

Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed BB10

2. Open the following link using the default browser to download BlackBerry Runtime for Android:

Make sure Desktop Mode is off or it will not work – In browser, go to Settings > Developer Tools > and turn off Desktop Mode

Make Sure Desktop Mode is Off BB10
3. Restart device

Restart BlackBerry BB10

4. Download, open the file, and install Google Login here:

Install Google Login BB10

5. Run Google Login and log into your Google account

Sign In Google Account BB10

6. Download, open the file, and install BlackBerry Google ID here:

Install BlackBerry Google ID BB10

7. Run BlackBerry Google ID and hit Register this device

Register Device in BlackBerry Google ID BB10

This is what a registered device should look like:

Registered BlackBerry Google ID

8. Download, open the file, and install Google Play Store here:

Install Play Store BB10

9. Download, open the file, and install Google Play Services here:

Install Google Play Services BB10

10 . Download, open the file, and install Google+ Whitelist here:

Install Google Whitelist BB10

11. Open Google+ Whitelist

Run Google Whitelist BB10

12. Now you can install Pokemon GO. You may notice you cannot install Pokemon GO from the Play Store (“Your device isn’t compatible with this version”).

Pokemon GO from Play Store Not Compatible BB10

You will need to download and install the latest patched Pokemon GO here:

Niantic has blocked login access to BlackBerry users in the latest update (0.39.1). Version 0.35 no longer works as it forces an auto update. This may be the end of the road for BlackBerry users. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment below.

Here is the patched 0.39.1 .APK file but I was not able to sign in:

Install Patched Pokemon GO BB10

Pokemon GO Installed for BlackBerry BB10

Known Bugs:
Graphic glitches: Older devices do not have the hardware to properly run Pokemon GO. You will get graphical glitches.

Pokemon GO for BlackBerry Graphic Glitches BB10

Missing PokeStops or no nearby Pokemon:

Solution #1: Restart your BlackBerry and make sure Pokemon GO is the first app you run.

Solution #2: Go to Settings > Quick Settings > and make sure “Mobile Network” (can also be called GSM Network) and Location Services are checked. Launch Pokemon GO and if you do not see any nearby Pokemon or PokeStops, swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers to access the quick settings and turn off Mobile Network and Location Services. Now turn on Mobile Network and wait. Then turn on Location Services.

The issue seems to repeat itself every 10-15 minutes. There are no permanent fixes at this time.

“Our servers are experience issues. Please come back later.”: Check if the Pokemon GO server is down just for you or everybody else, here.


If you were able to successfully run Pokemon GO on your BB, please leave us a comment with your device.

**There is a risk that Niantic may ban you for using modified software to play Pokemon GO on the BlackBerry. Use at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything that happens.**

Thanks to Cobalt232 from CrackBerry forum for making this possible. If the tutorial helped you out, feel free to make a donation to him here.


  1. it works! many thanks!

    hope Niantic won’t delete us…. we just want to play your game…

  2. Oh…. but will it ever show PokeStops if we don’t turn off – turn on and open Pokemon Go for the first thing…..? it misbehaved once I opened other apps and open Pokemon Go again……

    • Unfortunately, that’s the way it is right now. I’ll update the post if anything new comes up!

    • I just posted the new update. 😀 In the future, I’ll try to have the new patched updates within a day.

  3. It’s work on my z10 but required to restart the phone
    (1) for every 5-10 minutes or
    (2) until the “nearby pokemon” has no update or
    (3) cannot get items from pokestop or
    (4) pokestop is missing

    Visual glitch is minor issue since my z10 seldom to have one while running the app.

    I hope there is a way to “restart” the phone by not actually need to “restart” it

  4. It really is working right now, gladly have my first poke as pika… but ive been walking long enough there isnt even one poke mon on sight, and also my essence cant be used I dont know if its a bug or is it only my phone, z10

  5. It works, I catch my 1st pokemon but then no GPS signal. I tried all things above but still no GPS.. I even have maps open so device will refresh location all the time. I have z10 stl100.

  6. I didnt download blackberry runtime for android cause the reviews and comments in store say that sucks and destroys any other android app on ur phone, but with all other steps I made it work normaly in my z10. The problem is the GPS signal. When I restart the phone and run pokemon Go it works completely normal but after 10-15 min it losts ita gps and need restart again. Can we do anything for this? Maybe some other app in background or setting makes conflict with pokemon go?

  7. Its working fine now. Thanks. I downloaded the patch for ver.35, but it can not be installed. Do I have to delete the version I previously installed?

    • That’s good to hear. You do not need to uninstall the game to update. Try re-downloading the new patch!

  8. The new patch made gps a bit better but more graph glitches.. any help with gps/location settings in escreen hidden menu? There are a ton of settings there for location.. anyone knows if it helps?

    • Well all works fine but every 15 min needs restart the phone and to run it as soon as the phone restarts needs 10 min to load and open the pokemon go. There is nothing to do for this? You can’t play the game only for 15 min.. any other setting in menu or escreen? Other BlackBerry Z10 users play it normaly?

  9. Installed patch ver.37 but could no longer connect to server or failed to log in. Have to uninstall it and revert back to patch ver.35. No problem loading patch ver.35 after.

  10. I just tested the newest version 0.39.0 and it still doesn’t let you log in. You will need to stick with 0.35.0.

  11. Hi, I just tried to log-in using ver.35, but the game is cuing me to update to the latest version and I could no longer proceed with game. Am I the only one that encountered this, or somebody else suffered my plight?

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